Ulti's Comic Reviews
See if I'm open for reviews first!
I'm not always taking new comics to review! I need to pace myself and not overwork myself, so I have a limit to when I'm actually open or not. In order to see if I'm open or closed, there are two ways of doing so. You can check out the bottom paragraph of the comic's description on Smack Jeeves, or you can also go to my Upcoming Reviews page. You can get to that page at the tab at the top of the website, or by clicking here. Once you're on that page, look at the very bottom (underneath the links to what I'll be reviewing in the future), and it will say there if I'm open or closed. Additionally, pay attention to my author comments on newly uploaded reviews. Whenever I re-open or close for new review submissions, I'll definitely mention it there!

It needs to be made by you!
I don't just take random comics by people online. I need an author's permission in order to review something, especially since my intent is to help that author improve. Thus, any comic I take absolutely has to be authored or co-authored by the person requesting the review. You cannot submit other people's comics unless you can prove that you have their permission.

Give me a link to it!
It's surprising how many people seem to think I can read their minds when they ask me to review a comic without being specific about what they actually want me to review. I can't review something if I don't know for sure what I'm meant to be looking at! When you ask, absolutely make sure to provide a link to it in some fashion, or at least be very descriptive about what it is you're asking for so that I can find it on your Smack Jeeves profile (or elsewhere, if you want a non-Smack Jeeves comic reviewed). Admittedly, this is less about a link and more about just being specific. Links are merely the easiest way of accomplishing that goal.

It must be at least 25 pages long!
The goals of these reviews is to give proper critique. The less that I have to read and work with, the more difficult it will be for me to give appropriate criticism. Thus, any comic I look at HAS to have at least 25 proper pages of worthwhile content. Filler, cover pages, and miscellaneous content do not count, so don't try to artificially get your page count up just to fulfill my quota. Trust me, this is as much for your benefit as it is for mine. The more proper pages there are, the better and more accurate of a review I'll be able to give you!

Please, be serious!
I've been asked to review comics in the past that weren't really legitimate attempts at writing, or I've been given severely negative attention simply because I did what I was asked to. When you're asking for a review, please make sure your intent is to learn how you might be able to improve what you've created. Be willing to listen, even if what I have to say winds up being more negative than you might have hoped. Finally, don't joke request something that's been made intentionally bad or without effort placed into it. That will only serve to waste my time, and it won't help you in the slightest.

Read these rules!
That may seem like a no brainer, but considering how many requests I've already gotten that have broken one or more of these rules, I think this is necessary to say. When requesting a review without reading these rules, it just proves to me a rather unfortunate point: that you're not willing to read what I've written. I state very clearly in multiple places, including the comic description, to read these rules, and with how many places I state it and how many places you can find these rules, there's no real excuse to not reading them. Unfortunately, if I see that you're not willing to read these, I see no benefit in writing a review for you to also "read" at any point. Thus, BREAKING the rules with a request will forfeit your ability to get ANY review in the future for one full year. There will be no exceptions to this. It may sound like a harsh punishment, but the way to avoid it isn't exactly challenging: simply just pay attention and read!

Submit your request appropriately!
Finally, when you want to request a review and everything else checks out, there are a few easy ways of doing so. You can simply comment on any of my reviews or pages with a review request, and you can also send me a private message here on Smack Jeeves as well! Really, any way of contacting me is fair game. I just only ask that you don't do it on another webcomic, whether it be mine or someone else's. Ask in a location where it's more appropriate.

Rules list is subject to change at any moment. Before assuming everything checks out, make sure to double-check!

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