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The Tyton Nuzlocke Challenge: Emerald Edition

October 10th, 2017, 2:47 pm
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Ultizeta October 10th, 2017, 3:23 pm
Welcome to a fresh new start of webcomic reviews! Hey there, Ultizeta here, and it's nice to see you all again! Been a while, hasn't it? Almost two years, in fact. Now that I finished my main sprite comic and am between writing comics, I figured now would be the perfect time to wipe off the dust and get back into doing webcomic reviews to help fellow authors and give out constructive criticism!

If you're familiar with my old style of Ulti Reviews:, you'll be in for a bit of a surprise when you read this (or now that you've read this, I suppose). This is actually the main reason why this is a brand new comic and not just resuming the old Ulti Reviews. I wanted to distance myself from the more conversational and somewhat humorous style that I had in those, as well as the earlier reviews that were honestly rather poor.

You'll notice my vocabulary is a lot more impartial now, and I've divided the review into sections this time around. The main reason for the divide is to kind of force myself to make sure I look at the comic in multiple ways and actually do my job. My biggest issue with my older reviews is that sometimes, I focus too much on negatives, or on positives, or I don't actually offer help in regards to problems, or I spend WAY too much time summarizing or nitpicking. This new setup will help make sure I give proper advice and criticism, keep things fair and focused, and make it easier to look back on.

I also decided to nix the idea of giving comics scores, because that just made it feel too much like a competition, and the basis for judging that was extremely awkward. Furthermore, it didn't really serve any purpose for the author themselves, and was more for readers' benefit than anything else. With the change in focus of my new reviews, it just felt exceedingly unfitting, so it's been given the boot.

That's all for now! Hope you enjoy the new direction for reviews, and I'll see you next time for when I take a look at "House of Craziness" as requested by Chunck.co.

Also, you can read The Tyton Nuzlocke Challenge: Emerald Edition here.
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Haunshaul October 10th, 2017, 6:11 pm
Hey, that's my comic! Thanks for the review! I think you touched on some salient points and were really fair to the comic for the most part. Kind of miss your older style of review, though. While the impartiality and cleanliness of the presentation in this new format makes sense, I think part of the reason people like your reviews is because they're coming from you--there's no real way to be a totally impartial judge as a critic, and people come to a specific reviewer because they like their voice/presentation style. In your case, I know I really liked having more clear-cut example panels for what worked and what didn't in a comic, and there was a bit more of a conversational tone of things. I know that's exactly what you mentioned trying to distance yourself from, but I think there's something to be said for feeling more like you're reading something written by "just a regular guy" as opposed to a professor. Take Roger Ebert, for example--one of the best film critics to ever live, and he perfectly mixed expert knowledge and analysis with the everyday tone of someone who just loves movies. For future reviews, I would consider loosening up and finding a happy medium between your old style and your new style. Just a thought.

Thanks again!
Ultizeta October 10th, 2017, 6:19 pm
@Haunshaul: The main issue there is that part of the reason why I constantly lost motivation when writing my old reviews was trying to scour through a comic to find relevant screencaps to use, and I would much rather be informative to an author with clearer language than being conversational and not get my points across well as a result.

We'll see how I feel when making more of these in the future, though. If I feel it's important to, I can try to retain some of the old review style, at least in the form of language. The format, though, that I'm definitely keeping.
SUGauthor October 10th, 2017, 7:07 pm
Nice! Good to have to you back Ulti! I really missed having a review comic around here.
Chunck.co October 11th, 2017, 7:41 am
I can't wait to see mine, this new style is amazing. Plus, It'd help to see how both of us have improved last i saw a review towards me you noted me have similar problems to certain some author I'm hoping this will give me new insight into what to improve. Also great review start ya lizard you~

Also interested how'll you'll see my characters (Danith and Shady) as the work i've put into them has been tremendous.
Therater2 October 11th, 2017, 8:43 am
Awesome new style, Ulti. Got high hopes for this revived review series.
artofjoe October 11th, 2017, 8:01 pm
I just saw that I'm on the wait list. I'd better clean up the place before you get to it. Lol. XD
Lugbzurg October 13th, 2017, 1:17 pm
It's finally here! Now my stupid old Dark Sonic comic can die in obscurity!